FAQ mTAG What are the benefits for consumers?

What are the benefits for consumers?

When a consumer sees an mTAG – they know that they now have the ability to receive something valuable on their mobile devices. It is these previous positive experiences with the mTAG that educate users to not only the availability of mobile content, but that this content will be exclusive and valuable. This nurtures an environment where users are comfortable and actively pursuing engagements with the mTAG network.

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FAQ mTAG What are the benefits for advertisers?

What are the benefits for advertisers?

The mTAG provides the easiest way for advertisers to connect with consumers via their mobile devices. Being able to connect at such a personal level provides lasting brand awareness. The detailed statistics of an mTAG campaign provide the strongest ROI – allowing advertisers to specifically target and analyze a campaign while it is active. This ensures the most interactions during a campaign as well as increased results with each subsequent campaign. A large scale campaign’s data is consolidated into one easy to understand report.

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FAQ mTAG Why does the mTAG have NFC and QR?

Why does the mTAG have NFC and QR?

Providing both options allows an mTAG campaign to interact with as many devices as possible. NFC is the most intuitive mobile advertising technology and QR is the most widely accepted and well-known. The iPhone for example, does not have NFC, and therefore without incorporating QR codes you are removing that device from the market of available phones that can interact with a campaign.

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FAQ mTAG Why utilize an mTAG?

Why utilize an mTAG?

Providing any brand experience on a mobile phone is inherently more powerful. Providing a physical pathway for mobile provides the best campaign results… the ability to fully track and change content.

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FAQ mTag What is the mTAG?

What is the mTAG?

The mTAG is a physical placard that acts as a mobile engagement point – allowing consumers to easily access valuable content on their personal devices through NFC and QR. Utilizing the mTAG empowers advertisers to dynamically change the mobile experience, as well completely tracking a campaign’s success.

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