WHAT is Geo-Fencing?

CBN can deliver highly-targeted, location-based ads directly to students’ smartphones, essentially creating a “geo-fence” around a specific location. Want more information about Geo-Fencing? Download our Geo-Fencing Primer here.

What makes a user most likely to interact with mTAG?

The most important aspect to entice mTAG consumers is providing value – this may be downloading a voucher or coupon, entertainment content like a movie trailer, location information or directions, and downloading applications.

How many interactions should we expect from this campaign in a month?

The campaign results will be a factor of what type, the duration and how many locations are enabled with mTAG. With our extensive campaign data, we are able to accurately predict how many interactions we will receive for a given campaign.

What is the Click through rate or % of people who engage out of people who walk past your media?

There are many factors that contribute to engagement. With that said, to help set expectations for mTAGs; performance is highly variable depending on CTA & creative execution.

The interactions we are securing through NFC/QR technology are highly qualified (the user is selecting to scan the board with their phone, as opposed to a traditional banner click).

Can I track my statistics in real-time?

Yes – the mTAGstats.com visualization platform tracks ALL engagements in real-time and provides valuable campaign insight.

Does the mTAG work with all smart-phones?

Yes – Due to the nature that most experiences reside within the web browser – this provides the best versatility and compatibility when developing content across Android, iOS, Windows Mobile and Blackberry.

Can I encode the mTAG to do other things – like send an SMS or make a phone call?

Although NFC chips can be programmed in a variety ways (i.e. make a phone call, send an SMS) – a connection with our mTAG servers is necessary to log the interaction and provide advertising data and therefore all experiences are web application residing in the browser.

What are the benefits for consumers?

When a consumer sees an mTAG – they know that they now have the ability to receive something valuable on their mobile devices. It is these previous positive experiences with the mTAG that educate users to not only the availability of mobile content, but that this content will be exclusive and valuable. This nurtures an environment where users are comfortable and actively pursuing engagements with the mTAG network.

What are the benefits for advertisers?

The mTAG provides the easiest way for advertisers to connect with consumers via their mobile devices. Being able to connect at such a personal level provides lasting brand awareness. The detailed statistics of an mTAG campaign provide the strongest ROI – allowing advertisers to specifically target and analyze a campaign while it is active. This ensures the most interactions during a campaign as well as increased results with each subsequent campaign. A large scale campaign’s data is consolidated into one easy to understand report.

How many phones in the market have NFC?

Roughly 15% of the market is currently NFC enabled – with ALL major carriers producing NFC enabled mobile phones and tablets. 53% of phones will be NFC enabled by 2015.

How does NFC perform versus QR?

Due to the larger saturation of QR enabled phones in the market, QR interactions are still leading roughly 2 to 1. We have had over a 500% increase in monthly taps over the past 18 months.

Why does the mTAG have NFC and QR?

Providing both options allows an mTAG campaign to interact with as many devices as possible. NFC is the most intuitive mobile advertising technology and QR is the most widely accepted and well-known. The iPhone for example, does not have NFC, and therefore without incorporating QR codes you are removing that device from the market of available phones that can interact with a campaign.

Why utilize an mTAG?

Providing any brand experience on a mobile phone is inherently more powerful. Providing a physical pathway for mobile provides the best campaign results… the ability to fully track and change content.

What is the mTAG?

The mTAG is a physical placard that acts as a mobile engagement point – allowing consumers to easily access valuable content on their personal devices through NFC and QR. Utilizing the mTAG empowers advertisers to dynamically change the mobile experience, as well completely tracking a campaign’s success.

What is the price of the program?

Monthly pricing is approximately equal to a single Facebook or Google AdWords click.

How often can I change promotions or content on the refrigerator magnets?

Promotions or content can be changed as often as you wish. Updates are made in real time.

How do I track effectiveness of the NFC & QR Refrigerator Magnet program?

Using the CBN and Blue Bite tracking interface, you can receive real-time reporting with data on engagements filtered by dimensions such campus, media type, DMA, location, etc. The interface also shows a heat map of active engagements and allows the user to export full report or campaign data.

Who creates the refrigerator magnets?

CBN produces and guarantees placement of the refrigerator magnets.

What is the reach of the NFC & QR Refrigerator Magnet program?

There are 4,297 refrigerator magnets serving 13,225 college students on 14 campuses. At the completion of the pilot project, there will be expansion opportunities to reach 225,000 students.

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