Good Geo-Fences Make Better Response Rates

CBN Campus Media’s out-of-home media has exploded into the digital world, allowing advertisers to deliver relevant, highly targeted, location-based ads directly to students’ smartphones inside Geo-Fenced Campuses. CBN is the nation’s only provider of geo-targeted ads which, when coupled with our OOH network, provides unique opportunities to layer impressions to students.

“Retargeting” allows CBN to re-engage students who have previously responded to an advertising campaign. We can build for our clients a “high-propensity” student user list providing exponentially better click-through rates on subsequent Geo-Fencing Campaigns.

Target Impressions where Students Live, Learn and Play… Call 1.877.426.6166

Want more info about Geo-Fencing? Download our Geo-Fencing Primer here.



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