NFC & QR Interactive refrigerator magnets:
Promotional Program Targeted at College Students

The Opportunity — 4,297 Refrigerator Magnets serving 13,225 College Students on 14 Campuses with expansion opportunities to 225,000 College Students at completion of the Pilot Project.


The Campaign — CBN, together with our exclusive technology partner Blue Bite, can assist in the development of the Campaign Creative (Refrigerator Magnets, Landing Pages, Links, etc.), Strategy and the Programming of Content or implement a Client developed Campaign.

The Rollout — CBN will produce and guarantee placement of the Refrigerator Magnets.

The Campaign Management — CBN and Blue Bite will provide daily content management of each campaign, allowing you to deliver timely, compelling content as often as you like.


Program Benefits

  • Branding at eye-level on full-size refrigerators inside ACC’s premiere Campus Housing Units every day.
  • The ability to change, offers, promotions, coupons — or any other content — on a daily basis.
  • Using our enhanced mTAG platform dashboard, you will be provided a log-in where you can track and measure Campaign performance in real time.
  • Monthly pricing approximately equal to the average CPC rate on Facebook or Google AdWords.

Get In On The Ground Floor.
For Complete Detailed Information On Our Program: Click Here!
or contact Jeff Jenkins at jeffj@cbncampusmedia.com

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